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Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historica* Microraproductions / institut Canadian da microraproductions hittoriquas 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes technique et bibllogretphiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 


Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

I I Covers damaged / 

' — ' Couverture endommag6e 

I I Covers restored and/or laminated / 
' — ' Couverture restauree et/ou pellicula 

I I CJover title missing /Letitrede couverture manque 

I [ Coloured maps / Cartes g6ographiques en couleur 

I I Coloured ink (i.e. other than t>lue or Wack) / 

Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I 1 Cokxired plates and/or illustratk>ns / 
' — ' Planches et/ou illustratk>ns en couleur 

I I Bound with other material / 
' — ' Reli6 avec d'autres documents 

I I Only edition available / 
' — I Seule editkm disponible 

I I Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along Interior margin / La reliure serr6e peut 
causer de I'ombre ou de la distorston le long de 
la marge interieure. 

I I Blank leaves added during restoratuns may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have 
been omitted from timing / 11 se peut que certaines 
pages blarKhes ajoutees lors d'une restauration 
appataissent dans le texte, mais, kirsque cela diait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas ^ flimees. 

L'Institut a microfilnr>6 le meilleur examplaire qu'il lui a 
6t6 possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sort peut-6tre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modifications dans la m6th- 
ode normale de filnnage sort indiqu^s ci-dessous. 

I I Cotoured pages/ Pages de couleur 
I I Pages damaged/ Pages endomnwgies 

I I Pages restored and/or laminated / 

— Pages restaurdes et/ou pellk^iees 

[~^ Pages cHscoloured, stained or foxed / 

— Pages decotordes, tachetees ou pk^uees 

I I Pages detached/ Pages detachees 

r^ Showthrough / Transparence 

I I Quality of print varies / 

' — ' Quality inegale de fimpresston 

I [ Includes suppiementaiy material / 

Comprend du materiel suppiementaire 

r~j Pages wholly or partially obscured by eriata 

— slips, tissues, etc., have been returned to 
ensure the best possible image / Les pages 
totalement ou partiellement obscurcies par un 
feuillet d'errata. une pelure, etc.. ont H6 filmees 
k nouveau de fa9on i obtenir la meilleure 
image possible. 

r~l Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
— ' discolourations are filmed twtoe to ensure the 
best possible image / Les pages s'opposant 
ayant des colorations variables ou des decol- 
oratuns sont film^es deux fois afin d'obtenir la 
meilleur image possible. 


AddHranal comments / 
Commentaires suppl^mentaires: 

This ittm it f ilmad at th« raductiofi ratio chackad baktw/ 

C« document est fiimt au taux de rMuction indiqiii ci-de*ious. 

10X 14X 18X 










The copy filmed h«r« has b««n reproduced thanks 
to tho gonarosity of: 

National Library of Canada 

L'axamplaira fiim4 fut raproduit grica * la 
g*n4rosit4 do: 

Bibliothequa nationala du Canada 

Tha imagaa appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming eonuact specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers mn filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending en 
the last page with a printed or illustreted impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies ars filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres* 
sion. and ending on tha last page with a printed 
or illuatrated impression. 

Las images suivantas ont *ti reproduites avac Is 
plus grand soin. compta tenu de la condition st 
de la nettet* de I'eiemplaire filmA, et en 
eonformit« avec lea conditions du contrat de 

Lee exemplaires originaux dont la couvenure an 
papier est lmprim«e sont filmte en cemmancant 
par la premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
darniAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par la second 
plat, salon le cas. Toua las autres axemplairas 
originaux sont filmte en commen^ant par la 
premiAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la darniAre page qui comporte une telle 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall conuin tho symbol -«• (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol ▼ (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Maps, plates, charu. etc.. may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one sxposurs are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand comer, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diegrams illustrate the 

Un das symboles suivants spparaitra sur la 
derniire image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbols — »- signifie "A SUIVRE". le 
symbolo V signifie "FIN". 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc.. peuvent etre 
filmte k des taux de reduction diffArents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour *tre 
reproduit en un seul clichA. il est filmi A partir 
de Tangle supirieur geuche, de gauche A droite. 
et de haut en bes. en prenant le nombre 
d'imeges n^esseire. Las diagrammas suivants 
illustrant la m^thode. 

1 2 3 

12 3 





^— ■,• 1653 Easi Main Street 

B^a^ Rochester. New York U609 USA 

■Jg (716) 482 -0300 -Phone 

^B (716) 288 - S989 - fax 









Beverly of Graustark 


Hevcrly Calhoun i-. invited In- I'rinccN>. Vetive, ruler 
of Clraujtark, to pay Iier a vi>it. IJevcrly starts on her 
journey with gift> liearing I'rincc-- Vetive's monogratn. 
Gabriel, pretender to the throne of Dawshergen, has 
risen against Prince Dantan (his half-brother), ruler of 
Diw^bergen and seized the throne. Prince Dantan, 
Princes> Candace, his sister and their tollowers fly to the 
mountains where Dantan takes the guise of "Baldos, thf. 
goat hunter." 

draustark makes a formal demand on Dawsbergen to 
give up Gabriel and recognize Prin(.e Dantan as their 
ruler. Gabrie' ignores the demand and >cnds out sjhcs in 
search of Dantan. The spi^.; overtake the coach in which 
Beverly i:. travelling and try to capture her. believirx er 
to be Princess Yetive of Graustark. having di.scovered 
Beverly's gifts with the royal monogram. 

■ Baldos" and his followers rout Gabriel's men and in- 
duce Bevi-ly, whom they also mistake for Princess 
Vetive, to seek safety ..i their camp. Danton is smitten 
with Beverly but keeps up his disguise as the goat hunter. 
Princess Yetive, worried over the non-arrival of Beverly, 
sends General Marlanx and Lieutenant Quinnox to 
search for her. They arrive in time to prevent Beverly 
being captured by Gab "el's men. 'n the fight between 
the bands of Dantan and Gabriel. Dantan is wounded. 
Beverly tei;,- Marlanx and Qui lox that " Baldos" thinks 
she is the Prncess and that sue has promised him pro- 

Dtintan accompanies Uevcrly and Princess Yclive's 
soldiers to Grnustark, wliere lie is rewarded with the ixjst 
of Guard. Dantan accept* the position to \k- near 
Beverly and to plan the capture of Gabriel. General 
Marlanx, infatuated with Heverly, is jealous of her 
attentions to "Haldos" and suspects him of being a 
Dawsbergen spy. Dantan soon finrls that Beverly is not 
the Princess Vetivc and enjoys the situation. Daiitan's 
drawings of the Graustark fortress are seizcil by Mar- 
lan.x but when I'.cvcriy explains "I'aldos" made the 
drawings for Graustark's benefit in case of war. Yetive 
hesitates to order his arrest. 

Dantan's plans to capture Gabriel are about consum- 
mated when Marlanx persuades the T'rincess to arrest 
him. iSevcrly and Dantan arc now deeply in love with 
each other. Ravonnc. Dantan's follower, warns him of 
his coming arrest. Beverly sec'* Dantan embrace Can- 
dace, not km)wing that she is his sister. P.cverly. ihougR 
her heart is breaking over "'Baldos' " supposed faithless- 
ness, hides him in her room, which is observed by 
Marlanx. Dantan is about to escape when Marlanx re- 
turns with the guards. Afer a fierce exchange of sword 
play, Dantan manages t • escape when I'evcrly shoots Mar- 
lanx in the arm. Dantan returns to the mountains and 
completes his plans. 

Candace. disguised as a boy, takes a note to Beverly 
fro n Dantan, begging her to believe in him no matter 
what hai)pens. Beverly is ha|)py when she learns that 
the woman she saw in "Baldos" " arms is hi* sister. 
Candace, leaving the castle, is slopped by Marlanx, who 
arrests her as a suspicious person. Ravoime. watching 
for Candace, discovers Gabriel and his guards and aids 
Dantan and his followers to capture the usurper. 

Marlanx infor; is Princess \etive that Ikverly betrayed 
her friendship by aiding "Baldos" to escape. Vetive de- 
ni.niti* an explanation but ISeverly remains silent. 

Dantan cominjr U> (Iraustark to ^cck his sister, tells 
Vctivc it was a "boy" who helped :,,,ii escaiK- hut refuses 
to reveal his motive for lea ^ng C.rau^tark. Candace is 
sent for and wh«.i Marlanx insi:,ts upon liavinjj "hitn" 
searched, Dantan tells Candace to giv \\\, the note 
signed "Your I'rinccss." Marlanx acciist. "Ualdos" of 
having been in Beverly's room, hut Aunt Fannv. iJever- 
ly's maid, tells the Princos she oalled "P.aMo-" in to 
help her close a trunk. Vetivc. I. .ving "Maldos" and 
the "hoy" are spies, orders tluir arrest. Marlanx in- 
cite>^ the mob around the castle to rlcmand the execution 
of "f5aldos" as a spy. 

Ravonne fights his - . to the Princess and informs 
her that "Haldos" is Prince Dantan of Dawsbcrgen and 
the "boy" is Princess Candace. \etivc inform^ the 
crowd that "Baldos" is Prince Dantan and that tlie un- 
popular (iabricl is his prr^oner. L'p )n this news the 
crowd cheers. At an elaborate rccejttion to Prince 
Dantan. Beverly is astonished to rccognze her "Baldos" 
and it is then that Prince Dantan announce- Beverly as 
"the future Princess of Dawsbcrgen." 

T" 1 



Bkvkrlv Cai.iiolx, of \Va''iington, U.S.A. 

Al'xt F.\.\nv, Jkvcrly's maid. 

1'kinck Dantax, dethroned ruler of Dawsbergen who 
calls himself "'IJaldos" the mountaineer. 

r,Ai!i{ii;i„ Prince Dantan's half-brother. 

PiuNCKSs VktivE, ruler of Graustark. 

PKiNtKSS CANnACK. Sister of Prince Dantan. 

R.woNXK. follower of Prince Dantan. 

Gknkrai, Maki.axx, commander-in-chief of the Grau- 
stark Army. 

l.iKLT. Qrixxox. a soldier of Graustark. 

Beverly of Graustark 

In- Three Parts. 

(v'^ul) Title)— A MdDKRN Romantic Comkdv Drama 


i\(Ai:i. oK Tin: Sami; Xame. 
(Sul) Title) -\\ ASiiiNC.TMN. I).I)-~I',|.:\i;ki.v Cai.ii(ii-\ is 

<>!• ('.KAISTAKK, T( ) pAV IJHK A \lSiT. 

><.-enc I — Pcrcrly's boudoir — lieverly and colore 1 maid 
discovered. Anotlier maid enters with letter. Ijeverly 
reads letter and becomes enthusiri-tic. She e.\i)lains to 
colored maid. 

(Sub Title)— Beverly's (Iiets i-or Her FiuENr). the 


Scene 2 — Beverly's boudoir— W^^xcrU an 1 colored maid 
discovered. Maid ])acking trunk. [Icverly i> dressed 
for lravellin<,^ Maid enters followed by butler. I'.utler 
annouiucs e.\])ressmen. E-xproMuen enter and >tart to 
take trunk. 

(Sub Title)— Prince D.wtan, Kieeu oi- l)AwsiiEi<c,Ex 
— Xear C'.RAtsTAUK — .\m) Ills Sister, 

Scene 7,-~Tltroiu- room— Danttin and hi, sister Cati- 
dace with soldiers, discovered. Dantan escorts Candace 
t(i throne, followed bv ladies-in-wailinir. 


(Sub Title) — Gai-.riix. Pki.nce Dantan's Half-Buo- 



Scene 4 — Hall of Dantan's palace — Gabriel and soldiers 

Scene 5 — Throne room — Candace and Dantan on 
throne. Soldiers and ladies-in-waitng in room. 

Scene 6 — Hall at Dantan's palace — Gabriel discusses 
.with soldiers plan to overthrow his half-brother. Soldier 
at door listening. 

Scene 7 — Throne room — Dantan and Candace on 
throne, soldier in foreground. Gabriel enters. Speaks 
to soldier who overheard the conspiracy. Goes to throne 
and kneels before Dantan and Candace. 

(Sub Title) — Gabriel Seizes Dawsbergen and puts 
Prince Dantax to Flight. 

Scene 8 — Exterior of palace — Soldiers discovered. 

Scene 9 — Throne room — Dantan and Candace in room. 
Soldier enters, talks to them. 

Scene 10 — Exterior of palace — Soldiers discovered. 

Scene 1 1 — Throne room — Candace Dantan and soldier 

Scene 12 — Exterior of palace — Soldiers go toward 
palace gate. Enter gate. 

Scene 13 — Throne room — Candace. Dantan and soldier 
discovered. 14 — Hall of palace — Soldiers discovered. 

Scene 15 — Throne room — Caiulace, Uantan and sol- 
dier (li-covered. Other soldiers enter. 

v^cene \(^ — Hall of Daiitaii's /'(//ace— C.ahriel and sol- 
diers enter, lighting with l)antan"> soldiers. 

Scene 17 — Throne room — Dantan, Candace and sol- 
diers discovered. Soldiers remme thnjne seat revealing 
hole in wall. Candace, Dantan and -oldicrs exit tlinnish 

Scene i<S — Secret f>a^sa(/cway—]y,inUiu. Candace and 
soldiers going through passageway. 

Scene 19 — Mountain side — mouth of tunnel — Dantan. 
Candace and soldiers enter f ro n tunnel. 

Scene 20— Throne room — Scddier- lighting. 

Scene 21 — Mountain side — Candace. Dantan and sol- 
diers discovered. They start off. 

Scene 22 — Throne room — Gabriel stejjs on throne and 
annoiince> himself ruler. 

(Sub 'J'itle)— Pri.vckss Vi-tive oi- (jK.\ust.\kk Rkckivks 
News ok the D.xwshekck.v 'Pkoi-iji.k. 

Scene 22,-1 nterior. Princess Vetive's />a/(/rt'— Vetive 
and soldiers discovered. \'etive talks to them. 

(Sub Title)— Graustark ^[akes Fok.mal Demand o.v 
Gaiskiel To Recocmze Prince Dan- 
tan AS RuEER or Dawsuerc.en. 

Scene 24— Vetive's /'a/orr— Princess Yetive. Marlanx 
and soldiers discovered. Princess Yetive talking to Gen- 
eral Marlanx. 


(Sub Title) — Princk Dant.w, Now in tiik Gi'ise dk 
"IiALDos, THE Goat Hunter." Fears 
roR His Sister Candace's Safety. 

Scene 25 — Exterior of care — Candace, Dantan and 
soldiers discovered. Soldier goes off. 

(Sub Title) — The Graustark Messenger Arrive> at 

Scene 2^ Palace gate — Messenger from Princess 
Yetive enters. Exits through gate. 

Scene 2y — Throne room — Gabriel on throne. Mes- 
senger enters. Hands Gabriel message from Princess 
Yetive. fj] 

Scene 28—Mouutain side— Soldiers discovered. 

Scene 29 — Throne room — Messenger exits. Gabriel 
throws message to floor and announces that he will fight 
rather than surrender throne to his half-brother. 

Scene 30 — Mountain side, exterior of raxr— Dantan 
bids good-bye to Candace. Candace and Dantan are 
dressed as peasants. Candace and soldier dressed as 
monks, exit. 

Scene 31 — Interior. Princess Veiirc's palace — Princess 
Yetive and soldiers discovered. 

Scene ^2 — Exterior, peasant's hut — Peasant discovered. 
Soldier dressed as monk enters with Candace. 

(Sub Title) — "Give her Shelter, vou Will be well 

Scene ^^ — Exterior, peastint's hut — Candace, soldier 
dressed as monk, and peasant discovered. Soldier, 


dressed as monk, speaks title to peasant. Peasant sum- 
mons his wife. Wife enters. Monk commits Candace 
to their charge. Peasant and wife take Candace by the 
hand and -xit into the hut. Soldier dressed as monk 
exits, smiling satisfactorily. 

(Sub Title) — Gaukikl's Si'iks Si:.\P'Jii iiii; Moi-.nt.mns 
For Princk Dantan. 

Scene 34— //iV/j— Gabriel's spies discovered stealthily 
going among rocks. 

(Sub Title)— Beverly Calhoun, on Her Way to 
Graustark, has taken the Wrong 

Scene 35— 7?oatf— Coach enters with Beverly and col- 
ored maid. Beverly alights. Surveys surrounding 
country; gives directions to driver and re-enters coach. 
Coach exits. 

Scene 36— /« /n7/.y— Gabriel's spies discovered stealthily 
going among rocks. 

Scene 37— Road (through hills)— Coach with Beverly 
and maid in distance. 

Scene 38— f/jV/j— Gabriel's spies in hills. 

Scene 39 — Road — Coach enters and exits. 

Scene 40 — Another part of road — Coach containing 
Beverly and colored maid enters. Stops. Driver un- 
hitches horses. Beverly and maid alight. 

Scene 41 — Hills — Gabriel's spies see coach and exit. 


Scene 42 — Road — Driver and assistant exit with 
horses. Gabriel's spies enter from background. Go to 
Beverly and maid who are frightened. 

Scene 43 — Mountain side, exterior of cave — Dantan 
and soldiers discovered. Dantan sees the plight Beverly 
is in. Summons soldiers to go to her assistance. 

Scene 44 — Road — Beverly and maid on road. Ga- 
bricl'b spies talking to them. 

Scene 45 — Mountain side, exterior of eair — Dantan 
and soldiers discovered. They start oflf. 

Scene 46 — Road — Beverly, maid and Gabriel's spies 
discovered. Dantan enters with soldiers. Fires at 
Gabriel's spies and drives them oflf. Dantan goes to 
Beverly. Beverly explains that she is on her way to the 
place of Princess Yetive. 

(Sub Title) — The Monogram on Beverly's Gift for 
Princess Yetive of Gr.^istark 
Causes Her to be Mistaken for the 

Scene 47 — Road — Soldier picks u]) box which Beverly 
had dropped and sees Princess Yetive's monogram and 
assumes that Beverly is the Princess. Dantan bows to 
her in profound homage. l>everly returns tlie bow. 
Dantan oflfers Beverly thi nrotection of his retreat. 
Beverly accepts and exits with Dantan and colored maid, 
followed by Dantan's soldiers. 

(Sub Title) — Princess 'S'etive Worried by the Non- 
Arrivae of 1)Eveiu.v. 

Scene 48 — Hall, Princess Yctire's palace — Princess 
Yetive. General Marlanx and Lt. Quinnox discovered. 



Princess Yctive is solicitous about the non-arrival of 
Beverly. Sends Marlanx and Quinnox to see what is 
keeping her. Marlanx and Quinnox exit. 

Scene 4c)— Mountain side, exterior of raTP— Soldiers, 
Dantan and Beverly and maid enter. Dantan speaks to' 

(Sub Title)— "They Think 1 am the Trixiess." 

Scene 50— Mountain side, exterior of cat r- Beverly, 
soldiers, maid and Dantan discovered. Beverly speaks 
title to maid and laughs. 

Scene 31— Exterior, Princess Vetizr's f>a!ace—'Slar\anx 
and Quinnox enter, followed bv soldiers on horses. Thev 

Scene 32—Mruntain side, exterior of ftirr— Dantan, 
Beverly, maid and soldiers discovered. lieverly an^! 
Dantan at table. They complete meal. 

(Sub 'i'itle)— "It is not S.m-e to Tr.\vf:i, at, 
Your Highness." 

Scene 53 — Mountain side, exterior of care All dis- 
covered as before. Dantan addresses Beverly according 
to title. Beverly turns to her maid and asks what she 
will do. Maid says she does not know. Beverl\- turns 
to Dantan and says, "We ate in your hands." Dantan 
gallantly escorts Beverly into cave. 

Scene S4— interior of cart'— Dantan enters with 
Beverly, followed by maid. Dantan tells Beverly that 
this will be her retreat until danger is past. Beverly- 
accepts graciously. Dantan exits. 


SiTiic 55 li.vtcrinr of care — Soldiers discovered. 
Dantaii enters, speaks to soldiers. Soldiers start olT. 

Scene 5') — Interior of caic — lieverly and maid dis- 
covered. Maid lakes pistol from hag. otters it to ile- 
verl>. IJeverly iell> lier to put it back. Maid puts it 

Scene 57 — Exterior of caze — Danlan discovered; goes 
to mouth of cave, looks in ; turn.> away. Beverly enters 
from interior to mouth of cave. Danton goes toward 
her. She exil>. 

Scene 58 — Interior miv — Maid in cave. Beverly en- 
tering. , 

Scene 59 — Exterior of (-uic— Danton discovered. 

Scene bo— Interior of eave — Beverly and maid discov- 

Scene 61 — Exterior of cove — Danton discovered, think- 
ing of Beverly. 

S.ene 62 — Mountains — Soldiers discovered. 

Scene O3 — Exterior of eaie — Danton discovered. 

Scene 64 — Hills — Flash ui Gabriel's spies. 

Scene 65 — Hills — Danton's soldiers fighting. 

Scene 6C') — Hills — Gabriel's soldiers fighting. 

Scene 6~— Exterior of cave — Danton and soldiers en- 
ter, firing. 

Sicne bS— Hills, near cave — Gabriel's spies go toward 

Sccno 'm>- li.xtciior »)' <■((,••.•- Daiitan uuuiKlcd (Imp, 
pi^lol. Kevcrly t'mcr> ; lakrs pistol, tires. 

Scene ■jo— Hills — Cahrier spie>. Iiglniiij,'. 

(Sill) Title)— TiiK (iKAisiAkK 1miU(I.> m Tin: Rix n;. 

Sceiio y\ —Mountain .?/(/<• Cieneral M.irlaiix and I.t. 
CJuiiii (IN and -nldiors discovered. otY. 

Scene yj — //iV/j-dahriel's si)ic> ti^litins,'. ('.eneral 
Marlanx and Lieut. (JuiniiDx and -()Idier> enter. Start 
fning. ("laliriel's >pie> e\ii pnrMitd In .N'arlanx. Ouin- 
nox and soldiers. 

(Sul) Title)— l!i:vi;ui.\ Tki.i.s Ci-.x-ickai, Maki.a.nx that 
■"Hai.dos" Thi.nks Hi;i( tiu: i'iuNi:i;ss 
'S'l-rivK oi' (iRArsrAUK 

Scene y^-lutcyior of ca.-c- i'.everly and Dantan talk- 
ing;. Marlanx and Ouinnox enter, lieverly tells .XTar- 
lanx of her experience and tiiat they think >lie is \etive. 
Marlanx laiiijhs. Soldiers enter. Take I'.cverly's bag- 
gage and exit, lieverly juits on hat and coat and exit.s 
with Dantan, followed hy .Marlanx and (Juinno.x. 

Scene 74— A'oar/- t'oach and -oidicr- discovered. 
Marlanx and T.everly enter followed hy s,,|,hcrs. Be- 
verly enters coach, followed by Marlanx, (Juninox and 
maid. Dantan enters on Speaks to LSeverly. 
Coach exits followed hy Dantan and Tri-icess \'etive'.s 
soldiers on horses. 

(End of Part One.) 



(Sub Title) — "Balixjs'" ( I'RiXci; Dantan) DisctisEn 
AS A Grai:stark Guakd TO u'C Nkar 
Beverly and Plan the Capture uf 

Scene 75 — Rxtcrior, Princess Yctkr's palace — Baldos 
(Dantan) discovered. On guard !uty. 

Scene 76 — Interior, Princess Yetivc's palace — Vetive, 
Beverly. Quinnox, Marlanx, minister and ladies-in- 
waiting discovered. Yetive and ladies exit. Quinnox 
and minister exit. Marlanx looks at Beverly. Beverly 
goes to door, looks out, ex'ts. 

Scene ■/■/ — Exterior, Princess Yetive' s palace — Baldos 

(Dantan) discovered. On guard duty. Beverly enters 

from palace. Goes to Baldos (Dantan). She speaks to 
him he salutes. Beverly takes his hand. 

(Sub Title) — "Do.n't Tease — You I am not the 

Scene 78 — Exterior, Princess Yetive's palace — Baldos 
(Dantan) and Beverly discovered. Beverly speaks to 
Baldos (Dantan), according to title. 

(Sub Title) — General Marla.nx in Lone with Be- 
verly. IS Jealous and Suspicious of 

Scene -/(^—Interior, Princess Yetivc's palace — M.irlanx 
di^cnyered at door, looking out. 


Scene Ho—lixti'rior, Frinrfss Ycthr's falacc—WaUlofi 
(Dantan) and ISevcrly discovered. Ileverly a.-U^ him 
for btuton from coat. Takes scis<or> from bag and cuts 
buttmi off Haldds" (Dantan's) co places it in hag. 

Scene i^i—lnlcrior. Priiucss Vcti:c's palace — Marlanx 
discovered at dotir, angry. 

Scene H2~Ii.vtcrwr. I'riiurss yclhi-'s palace Italdos 
(Dantan) and Ileverly discovered, talking. Soldier en- 
ters, speaks to Maldos (nant.m). I5aldns (Dantan) 
bows to Beverly, salutes, exits. Meverly looks after 
him ISeverly exits into palace. 

Scene S^— Interior, Prinreis Vet ire's palace — Marlanx 
discovered. Beverly enters. .Marlanx talks to Beverly, 
tells her that he loves her. Kisses her hand. 

(Snl) Title)— Yktivk Hksitatks To Dkci..\rk \V.\r on 
D.wv'Siii.KGE.N, Kkalizing tiik Loss of 
I.iri' IT wori.n Entail. 

Scfne 84 — Throne room, Princess Vetize on throne — 
Quinnox talking to her. Soldiers and ladies-in-waiting 
on scene. Minister talks to Vetive. Quinnox exits. 
Minister again addresses ^■etive. 

Scene 85— Interior, Princess Vctive's />a/(icr— Marlanx 
and Beverly di.scovered. Quiimox enters; tells Marlanx 
that Princess Vetive wishes to see him. Marlanx turns 
to Beverly. Exits. 

Scene 86 — Exterior, Princes.-. Yetiic's palace— \Vd\Ao?, 
(Dantan), and .soldier disguised as monk, discovered. 

Scene 87 — Throne room — Vetive on throne. Marlanx 
addre>.ses her. Minister aix} addresses ^""♦" ^oldiers 


and ladics-in-waitiiii,' on m-ciic. Vctivc ri«c>. S»l»ji-ct«. 
b«)\v to her. (Juimiox ami Marlanx exit. Sol,!icr> and 
niini>tcr exit. Two ladies ro to Vctive and talk t.. her. 
Yetive and laches exit. 

SiiKe HX^/ixtcrior, rriinrss Vt'liic ^ />a/(i(V— T'.aldos 
(Daiitaii) and sol(her <lisjjui.scd as moiii< discovered. 
Marlanx Quinnox entc*-. Talk to ''aldos (Dantan). 
and soldier disjjuised as monk. Marlanx and (Juinnox 
surpri ' Exit, llaldos (Danton), and soldier dis- 
guised ,. .iionk continue conversation. 

Scene Htj~aiirdcii. I'niurss Vethc's /'rt/ufc— Marlanx 
and (Juinnox enter, talk. 

Scene (jo~nxtcri„r. Princess Vrtkc's f>a!aci'—l\a\do'^ 
(Dantan) and soh' •r disguised as monk discovered. 

Scene iji— Garden, Prhucss Vctirc's />(i/afr -Marla:.x 
and (Juinno.v di.scovered. conversing. 

Scene (j2- l.xtcrior. Princess Yetire's /'(»/(JtT— Soldier 
disguised as , onk and "'-aldos (Dantan) discovered, 
tal'.mg and lau.;liing. Beverly enters. Talks to Baldos 
(Dantan) soldier disguised as monk speaks to Baldos 
< Dantan) and exits. Beverly and Baldos (Dant.M ) 
converse. Beve. iy take, another button from his coai. 

Scene ^j^- Garten. Princess Vetijes palace— \Uirhmx 
discovered. See^ Beverly and Baldo. (Dantan). is an- 
Scene 94~Hxterior. Princess Vctirc's palace— BMos 
(Dantan) and Beverly di.yovered. She show, him 
button which she has cut from his coat. 

Scene 95— Garden, Princess VetiveS palace— MarUnx 
discovered. Exits. 




Scfiu- i)l>~-lUh-nor. I'riinrss Vrti-.r's ^I/(J(V— Hal.ios 
(Dantaiu aii<l I'.ivfrly di^iuviTcl. Marlanx ciitiT<. 
iJaldos (l)aiitaii) valutc, Marlai.x. Marlanx .-nlcr* 
BaMos (Daiitaii) to Ii-avc. lievcriy ai)pcals to Marlanx. 
Ma. :anx orders l',aldo« ( Daman » off. I'.aldo^ (Dantan) 
exits, Marlanx ajjain tell. I'.cvcrly that he lovo her. 
Takes iier hand. She draw> hand away. I'.everly exits. 
Marlanx anj;ry. 

(Sub Titlct— I.iKiTKNAM' Oi ix.vox Makis a Diso.v- 

Sc-ene i)7 -Officers- (JmnWrs. I'nnccss yctivcS Mhia- 
—Marlanx and soldier .li<o.vered talkinfj. Quinnox 
enters. Salutes Marlanx. I'> otT. 

(Sub Title I- -I SAW I'.Ai.Dos' Makinc. X„ti;s oi-- the 
Forth ic'ATioNs." 

Scene ^i^Officcrs (Jiiartcrs, Prhurss ycfrvs /-...vjo- 
—Quinnox addresses Marlanx auording to nile. Ma 
lanx sur|)ri>e(l. Marlanx and (Juinnox exit. 

Scene 0«>-//rt//. Princess YethcS f>al„cc-YvUvc at 
door, ik'vcrly near her. Marlanx and Quinnox enter 
They salute \eti\e. Marlanx starts to talk, looks at 
Beverly, iieverlv exits. 

Scene loo-Hxterior, Princess Vctirc's />alacc—lU\. 
dos (Dantan) discovered on .lutv. Heverlv enters. 
Baldos (Dantan) salutes. 

Scene lOi—HaU, Princess Vetive's /-a/ao'-Marlanx. 
Quinnox and Yetive discovered. Marlanx tells Vetive 
that he suspects Haldol (Dantan) of making notes of 
the fortifications. They go to door. 


Scene i02~E.\-tcrior. Princess Yctive's palace— MaXAos 
(Daiitanj and Beverly discovered. 

Scene lo^— Hall. Princess Yetive's f>alace—Yet\ve, 
Marlanx and Quinnox discovered. Marlanx tells Yetive 
he is sure Haldos (i)antan) is guilty. Quinnox confirms 
the statement. Marlanx exits through door. Quinnox 
and Active exit. 

Scene 104— /;.r/rr/or. Princess Yetive's palace— BaUos 
(Dantan) and lleverly discovered. Marlanx enters. 
Goes to JJaldos ( Dantan )>lells him he is suspected of 
making notes of the fortifications. Demands the notes 
whicii he has made. IJaldos (Dantan) draws hook from 
pocket. Gives it to Marlanx. Marlanx turns to Beverly, 
smiles. Marlanx looks at Baldos (Dantan) scornfully 
and exits. 

Scene lO^—Throne room — Princess Yetive discovered. 
Marlanx enters, goes to Princess; tells her that he has 
evidence of Ualdos' (Dantan's) guilt; shows Princess 

Scene io6~E.rterior of Princess Yetive's palace— Bal- 
dos (Dantan) and Beverly discovered, conversing. 

Scene xoy— Throne roow— Yetive, Marlanx and Quin- 
nox discovered. 

Scene io»— Exterior, Princess Yetive's palace— Ba\- 
dos (Dantan) and Beverly discovered. Beverly exits 
into palace. 

Scene icxy— Throne roowj— Princess Yetive, Marlanx 
and Quinnox discovered. Beverly enters, goes to 
Yetive; speaks to her. saying that Baldos (Dantan) is 
not guilty. 


(Siib Title)— " 'Baldos' Made tiiosk Notes of the 
Weak Spots in the Fortress. roR 
vouR Renkeit, in Cask oi- War. 

Scene i\o— Throne room— Beverly speaks to Yetive 
according to title. Turns and looks at Marlanx and 
Quninox, they laugh. Beverly says it is true. Marlanx 
and Quinnox >alute and exit. Beverly speaks to Yetive ; 
tries to convince her that Baldos (Dantan) is innocent.' 

(Sub Title) — In the Moonlight. 

Scene uj— Beverly's room— Beverlv at table, rises 
goes to door, looks out. Carries flower in her hand. 

Scene i it,— Palace grouitds—BaUlo^ (Dantan) dis- 

Scene 114— 5fl/ro« v—Beverlv discovered; sees Baldos 

Scene u^— Palace grounds— Baldos (Dantan) discov- 
ered. Looks up, sees Beverly. 

Scene 116— i?a/f OH V— Beverly discovered. 

Scene iiy—Pala,ce grounds— Baldos, (Dantan) dis- 
covered, talks to Beverly. 

Scene 118— /i«/ro«y— Beverly discovered talking to 
Baldos (Dantan) who is in palace grounds. 

Scene iu;t-Palace grounds— Baldos (Dantan) discov- 
ered ; goes toward palace. 

Scene ,2<^-B.vterior of Princess Vetive-s /palace— 
shozvmg tree-Baldos (Dantan) enters scene climbs 


Scene 121— /?<i/fo«v- Hcverly discovered. I'.aldos 
(Dantan) climbing tree. Comes on balconv. Beverly 
hands rose to Baldos (Dantan). He places it in<i.le his 

(Sub Title)— Vktive Pkksi-.adkd to Issuk .ax (^rmr por 
T)ii- Arrest of "B.m.dos." 

Scene \22~Intcrwr, Princess Yrtivcs /Palace— YetWe, 
mmister and Marlanx discovered. Yetivc exit^. Mini.s- 
ter turns to Marlanx. Minister exits. Quinnox comes 
forward ; speaks to Marlanx. Soldier disguised as monk 
at door listening. 

Scene 123— 5u/ro«_v— Beverly and Balfl.x (Dantan) 
discovered in love scene. 

Scene IJ4— Bxtcriar. Princess Vetifc's /-(T/jrr— Can- 
dace dressed as peasant enters. Looks around. Soldier 
dressed as monk enters scene. 

Scene r25-«a/ro;n— Beverlv and Baldos (Dantan) 
discovered, embracing. Baldos (Dantan) exits. 

Scene i.>r,-P«/flr.- grounds, (exterior /-aMa- 1 -Baldos ' 
(Dantan) discovered coming down tree. 

Scene 12^— Palace grounds— BMo< (Dantan) enters 
— Candace comes toward him. They embrace. 

Scene I28-Z?«/. .y-Beverly discovered; sees Can- 
dace and Baldos (Dantan) embracing. 

Scene 12c)— Grounds— Cumhce and Baldos (Dantan) 

(Sub Title)— "Sister, vou Take too Great a Risk." 

Scene iicy-Palafe grounds— il^xxA^^^ and Baldos 
(Dantan) discovered embracing. 


Scene 131— /i<//ro;/v— licvcrlv (li>c<.vere(I. Sce^ Can- 
dace and r.aldos (I)antan) embrace. 

Scene 1^2— Palace (/rounds~\]-Mo> (Dantan) and 
Candace discovered, embracing. 

Scene 133— Z^<j/ro;n— Heverly discovered. Sees Can- 
dace and Ualdos ( Dantan i embracing. Beverly exits. 

Scene ,34— /v<;rr f/roi,mh~V,-Mo> (Dantan) and 
Candace -Iiscovered. Raldos (Dantan) kisses Candace 
Goodby. Candace exits. Soldier disguised as monk- 
enters ... ne. Speaks to Baldos (Dantan) and i)oints off. 

(Sub Title)~-MARL.\xx IS W.MTixr. .ax Okdf.r tor 
Your Arrkst. If vou are xot tiieri' 
To Direct (jur I'i.axs to Capti-re 
Gabriel, we Fail." 

Scene i^^~Palace grounds—SoMkr disguised as monk 
addresses Baldos (Dantan) according to title. Baldos 
(Dantan) i^oints off. Soldier, di.sguised as monk exit. 
Beverly enters scene. Goes to Baldos (Dantan) is 

(Sub Title)— "Return my Rose." 

Scene i^Cy-Palacc grounds— Uexerly and Baldos 
(Dantan) discovered. Beverly addresses Baldos (Dan- 
tan) according to title. 

Scene 12,7-Exterior, Princess VetireS palace-M^r- 
lanx discovered. Minister enters, hands letter to Mar- 
lanx. Minister bows. Exits. Marlanx reads letter 
smiles. ' 

Scene 138— Palace grounds— Bev^^vW and Baldos 
(Dantan) discovered. Beverly demands rose. Bal- 

dos (Dantan) tries to explain. Beverly will not listen. 
Again demands rose. 

Scene i^cj-B.^terior, Princess YetiveS palace— Mar- 
lanx and soldiers dis^rovered. Marlanx informs soldiers 
that Baldos (Dantan) is to be arrested. They exit. 

Scene 140— Palace grounds— Beverly and Baldos 
(Dantan) discovered. 

(Sub Title)— "Hide in mv Apartment." 

Scene 141— Palace grounds— Beverly and Baldos 
(Dantan) discovered. Beverly addresses Baldos (Dan- 
tan), according to title. Points off. He will not go 
She insists. Baldos (Dantaa) exits. 

Scene 142-Exterior, Prir.ccss Yetive's palace (show- 
ing tree)— Baldos (Dantan) climbs tree. 

Scene 143— Palace grounds— Beverly discovered 
Alarlanx and soldiers enter. 

Scene i44-/^a/ro«y-Baldos (Dantan) coming on 
balcony. Looks down. Sees Marlanx and soldiers. 

Scene 145—^0/0^^ grounds-Beverly. Marlanx and 
soldiers discovered. Marlanx gives orders to soldiers 
Soldiers exit. Marlanx looks toward palace. Addresses 
Beverly asking her if she has seen Baldos. Shows her 
order for his arrest. Tells her he will destroy order if 
she will marry him. She says "no." 

Scene i4&-Beverly-s roo;«-BaIdos (Dantan) and 
maid discovered. 

Scene 147— Palace grounds— Marlat\x and Beverly 
discovered. Alarlanx is embracing Beverly. 


SceV i4S-BevcHys room-MM and Baldos (Dan- 
tan) discovered. 

Scene 149-Palacc grounds-yUrhnx and Beverly 
discovered. Marlanx embracing Reverlv. Yetive en- 
ters scene. Yetive goes to Beverly. Embraces her. 

Scene jso-Palacc. gro«„(/.y-Soldiers discovered 
Marlanx enters. Goes to soldiers. They salute. 

Scene 151— Palace (jrounds— Yetive and Beverly dis- 
covered. Ladies enter scene. Go toward Beverly and 
Yetive. Maul enters scene stealtiiilv. Yetive kisses Be- 
v'erly. Yetive and ladies exit. Beverlv looks after 
them. IS alarmed about Baldos (Dantan).' 

Scene 152— Balcony- UMos (Dantan) discovered. 

Scene iS3-Palacc <jrounds~Bey trly discovered. 
Calls to Baldos (Dantan). 

Scene i54-5a/co«y- Baldos (Dantan) discovered 

Scene 155— Palace (jrounds—Marliinx and soldiers 
salute. Marlanx and soldiers exit. 

Scene is^^Palace cjroH»ds~\i-Ados (Dantan) and 
Beverly discovered. Beverly tells Baldos (Dantan) to 
go. Marlanx and soldiers enter scene Mjirlan- ad 
dresses Baldos (Dantan). Thev fight. Beveriv's 
frightened maid enters scene. Baldos (Dantan). Marlanx 
and soldiers continue to fight. Beverlv shoots at Mar- 
lanx. Baldos (Dantan) exits. 

(End of Part Two.) 



(Sub Title)-PR,Nc,: Dantan Compleies His Plan to 
Cai'Tuke Gabriel. 

Scene xsy-Extcior of ratr-Dantan and soldiers 
discovered. They start oft. 

Scene is8~Bcverly's room—Beverly discovered. 

(Sub Title)— Candace Offers , to Disguise as a Boy 
AND Deliver Dantan's Letter to 

Scene lyj-Bxterior of caT-^-Dantan and Candace 
discovered. Cane! e offers to disguise as a bov and 
deliver letter to lleverly. She brings paper and pencil 
to Dantan. Dantan writes letter. Candace exits into 

Scene i6o—Beverlys roowj-Beverly discovered She 
goes to table. Sinks down, sobs. 

Scene i6i-Extenor of cavc-Dantan discovered writ- 
ing letter. 


My Princess: 

I owe you my life. Whatever comes, believe in me 
1 will prove worthy of the trust. 


Scene i62~E.rtenor of ra,z'^- Dantan discovered read- 
ing letter. 

bo?'"? .['•''^"'"r'r'"' ''f '•"^■''-^'andace discovered in 
bo> .^ cloth.n^.. Places Iht nw., olotiu-s in cl,e>t. 

C^h'' '^^-^■'■''•'■""- "/ .-.'^■'•-i^antan discovered 
Can! e en er. fron, cave; goe. to ,,..,,,, ,,, „,,„,• 
f'tr letter; tliey embrace. Candace exits. 

(Sub Title, -C.xx„MK StuTKus ,x Eumxc t„k 

Scene rr>5_P.,y,,, ,;..,„j,_Candace enter, runnin.- 
sees some one; hides i,ehind tree. Soldier enter. ". 's' 
oft. Landace co„,es fn.n, beliind tree, e.xits. 

w.'rpa;:;r'"'"-" ^'^-^'^'^-^-^^^ enter. ,00., to- 

^.7Z rrt'T'^'-^ '-"'-Beverly and n,aid d.- 
iovered. E.everly beckons to Candace. 

Scetie I68-/Vac. i/.«««rf.-Ca,uiace disancred. 

Scene xyo-Palacc ,v;-..;,rf._Candace discovered; exits. 
(Sub Title )-1Jkvkk..v LK.M.XS r.^.^■r rt.K \\om..x .v.s 

'■P>AI.D0S' " Sl.STKR. 

Scene lyi-Bcvcdys r^ow-Beverlv <li.rovcred 
Maul enters, olloued by Candace. Candace h „ s le ', 
to Beverly. Beverly reads letter. 

My Princess : 

I owe you nty life. Whatever comes, believe in me 
I will prove worthy of the trust. 



Scene i72~Beverlys roow-Beverlv, maid and Can- 
aace a.>covered. Beverly again reads letter; shakes her 
nead no. Candace goes to her. explains tliat it was 
she wlio was with Dantan. Deverlv pleased. Beverly 
gne- to tahle. writes. ' 

W h.itever comes. I shall hciicve in \ 


.ccnc ly^—Ucvcrly's room— Beverly, maid and Ci 
dace di>covered. Beverly finishes letter, places i„ 
velupc and hands to Candace. Maid e.xits followed by 
Candace. i •' 


Scene ;7J^~H.vtcyior of palacc—C^mhce enters scene- 
fnghtened. Marlanx and soldiers enter; go to Candace! 
AlarlaiiN orders soldiers to arrest Candace; exit. 

Scene ,~-^^()ffi,,,,,' ^juartrrs-niunuox discovered 
Soldiers and .Marlanx enter with Candace. 

(Snb TitIe)-(;.vBKiKL Conti.vuks thk Search for 
pRiNCf Dantax. 

hofse?' '^"'^•^^"""'"'■"•^-^'^''^•■iel and spies enter on 

Scene ly-^i-xtc-i,,, ^f ^„,,,_nantan and men dis- 
covered. .Soldier looks through glasses. 

men"!;i- '";V'"T'''- "'"' ''"'""^''' '^'"''''- ^^--'•^nel's 
men luhng through mountains. 

Scene ly^^nsterior of r</tv-Danlan and soldiers 
discovered. Dantan looks through glasses. 


Scene iHiy-I„scrt. seen throuuh /y/imw-Gabriel's men 
rifliny through mountains. 

Scene i^i-Extcrior of ratv-Dantan calls to men 
They start off. 

Scene i82--il/oH„/a/«^_GabrieI aiu! spies on horses 

(Sul, Titlej-rUNTAX's 1'I.AX IX OIMCRATIO.V. 

Scene i«3---V/o;//(/<n-/;j— Daman enters scene f<.II(.ued 
by his soldier,; tl,ey hide. Gabriel and .pics enter on 
horses. Dancan and his men capture Gabriel and his 

Scene xH^-Officcrs quattcrs-yUxrhnx, Candace, 
gumnox and soldiers discovered. Soldier takes Candace 
ott ; places her in cell. 

Scene 1S5— .l/o«„/a,>„_Dantan. Gabriel and men dis- 
covered Dantan takes Gabriel's sword. 

(Sub Title^-MARLAxx Charges Bevkrlv with Aiding 
"Baldos" To Escapi;. 

Scene ..S,>_Pa/acc grounds-Ycuvc, Marlanx and 
ladies ...covered Beverly enters scene. Marlanx 
accuses l.everly of allowing Baldos (Dantan; to escape 
Beverly says it is not true. ^ 

(Sub Title)-W,TH Gauriei. ix the CrsToDv .,e i„s 
Men, Dantax Seeks Candace. 

Scene iS---Estcnor of palace~D-anlan enters scene 
bo diers coming down steps. Dantan hides behind gate' 
Soldier., exit thruugh gate. Dantan exits in other direc- 

Sct'iic 1 8K— Palace prounds— ^ etive. iJevtTly. Nfarlanx 
and ladic^ discnvercfl. Votive speaks to P.everlv and 
tlu'ii turns to .Marianx. Marlanx an-d'm a.-cu>e* lleverly. 

Scene i>\if~fi.vicrior of /•(j/arr— Dantan comes ilown 

Scene U)0-~/\,Uur grouiHh—V.cxvrh, ^\■tive. Afarlanx 
and ladies discovered. 

Scene uji~/istcrior of />u/ucr— Dantan conie< down 
step'^; lodks amnnd; goes to door; enters. 

Scene V)2~-l\>hui' <iroittids-V,c\i:r\y, 'S'etivc. Marlanx 
and ladies discovered. Dantan enters scene; bows to 
\'etive; s,,. .'^^ to her. 

(Sul) Title) -"SiiK Dm not Aii» mk to Ksc.M'i: it w\s 
\ Hov." 

Scene \[)7,~Po!acc (jrounds—WX discovered as before. 
Dantan addresses Vetive according to title. 

Scene ii)4-~Officcrs' quarters— (2wnnox an<l Candace 
discovered. Candace crying. 

Scene u)^— Palace (jrounds—Beverh. Vetive. Mar- 
lanx. Dantan and ladies discovered. Vetive walks ,,(T, 
calls soldier, who enters scene. Yetive conics hack to 
party; talks t(. Dantan. 

Scene U)i>~Officers' <j iiart ers—Quinnox. Candace and 
soldiers discovered. Soldier enters, salutes Quinnox 
Qinnnox >taris off. Soldier addresses Candace. Can- 
dace and soldier and Quiniiox exit. 

Scene u)j~Palace (jroiiiids— Yetive, Marlanx. Dan- 
tan. Beverly discovered. Candace, soldier and Ouinnox 


enter >ccnc. Netivc speak, t.. C.nula c. (Juiniiox take* 
hold of Candacc ruiijflily. Candacc liaii.U letter to 
^ etive. 


WlKitcver comes, i shall believe in yf>ii. 

Vour Priiice-:^. 

Seine ii)H^~Palact' </roiiii(h—\'c{WL'. lieverlv, Dantan. 
guinnux. Marlanx, Can.lace. ladies and soldier discov- 
ered. Vetive reads letter; tells Marlanx ahout it. 



(Sub Title)— -J lis Storv is I'Ausi-. I S.wv Him ix Her 


Scene uy(}— Palace yroiinds— AW discovered as before. 
Marlanx speaks according to title. Dantan argry. 

Scene 200~Ralcony—M:iid discovered. Siie exits. 

Scene joi—Palacc cjroii,ids~\\:livv. Beverly, Dantan 
Marlanx and others discovered as before. Maid enters • 
speaks to Yetive. 

(Sub Title)— "Massa Baldiiorsk was ix de Room, 1 
Asked Him to Hei,!' me git de Lid 
Down- on a Trunk." 

Scene 202~Palace cjrou,ids-A\\ discovered as before 
Maid addresses Yetive according to title. Yetive tells 
Marlanx to go; Marlanx exits. Beverly goes to Yetive 
pleads with her for Dantan. Quinnox and soldier exit 
with Dantan and Candace. Yetive embraces Beverly 


(Sub Title)— Marlanx Jncites the Mob to Dhmand 
THK Execution of "Baldos" as a 

Scene J03— Exterior of palace— Moh on scene. Mar- 
lanx speaks to them ; tlicy cheer. 

Scene 204— Interior of palace— YexWe. Beverly and 
minister discovered. 

Scene 2os—lUterior of palace— Murhux talking to 
moh; they cheer. Quinnox enters, speaks to Marlanx. 

Scene 206— Interior of palace— Yetive, Beverly, minis- 
ter discovered, listening. 

Scene 207— Exterior of /'o/ocf— Marlanx talking to 
mob; mob cheering. Quinnox exits. 

Scene 208— Interior of palace— Yetixe, Beverly and 
minister discovered. Quinnox enters, addresses Vetive. 

Scene 20c)— Exterior of /-a/acc— Marlanx talking to 
mob; mob cheering. 

Scene 210— Interior of palace— YetWe, Bevcrlv. Quin- 
nox. minister and others discovered. Vetive 'talLs to 

Scene 211— Exterior of palace— Uarhnx addresses 
mob; they cheer. 

Scene 212-Interior of palace-Yetivc, Quinnox and 
mmister and others discovered. Soldier disguised as 
monk enters, talks to Yetive. 


(Sub Title)-"HK WH.KM vou Hold as •r.Ai.Dr.s' .g 
I)ANTAx. F'RtNcK ..i' I );kv 
Oaiihiki,. v()i;k Enemy is D.wtan's 

Scene 2MS-lHtcrun of M„v-.\ll ,|i,c..vere.| a. 
before. Soldier di.jjuiKrl as monk addres.e, ^•etive 
according to title. (Jiiinnox exits. 

Scene 'r4-Z:*.r/.-,/„,- „/ /^<,/<uv-^farlanx addressing 
mob; mob cheering. 

Scene 2iS~nc:crly-s »m„«-ncvcrly an.l maid dis- 

Scene 2x(^Intcnor of palacc-SnUUcr dressed as 
monk walks^ away fron, Votive. Can<lace and Dantan 
enter. I,„w before \ She orders them to ri^e ex- 
tends hand to Dantan. Dantan kis.,e> her hand. Vetive 
embraces Landace. Dantan talks to Wniv^. All bow 
to Dantan. Caiid.icc exits with !a<lic>. 

Scene 2i-~U.vtrrior of palacc-\loh cheering. Mar- 
lanx exits. h . lai 

Scene 2i8^!ntcnor of palace-Ycuvc, Ouimmx 
-n.ster. Dantan. soldier dressed as n,onk di^-ove cd' 
Mar anx enters. ad<Ire»es Vetive. Dantan comes for: 

-1b_^^.Marlanx surprised, salutes. Vetive and 

enS^-mo'^it^^^ "' '""''~''''' ^"^ ^^^"^" 
discored""-'"'"''^ "^ ^a/«a-MarIanx and others 


Scene 221— Exterior of /.<;/flrr— Yetive introduces 
Dantan to mob ; they cheer. Dantan kisses Yetive's hand 
Daman and x.Idier dressed as monk go downstairs; 
mob clieers. Dantan and soldier dressed as monk walk 
through mob. 

(Sub Title)— BKvnRLY Pijcads ior tiif Lifk of 


Scene 222~Iutcrior of /.„/„<v-Yelive. Marlanx. Quin- 
nox, Ilevcrly. minister and others discoverer! Beverly 
pleads to ^-etive for Baldos' (Dantan's) life. Yetive 
motions to all present not to tell Beverly who "Baldos" 
really is. Beverly exits. All exit except Yetive and 
two ladie>. Ladies go toward Yetive. 

(Sul> Title)— Prixcic D.\nt.\x ok Davvsbergkn. 

Scene 227,~E.vtcrior of palacc~Moh cheering Dan- 
tan goe^ through mob on horse, followed bv soldiers 
1 hey dismount, mob continues to cheer. 

Scene 224-~Thronc wow— Yetive on throne. Soldier 
bows before Yetive. ^'ctivc rises. 

(Sub Title)--'His Rov.M. Higjixess. Puinck Dantan." 

Scene 22$— Throne roowi— Dantan enters, bows be- 
fore Yetive. Soldiers .salute and bow. Dantan kisses 
Yetive s hand. Dantan goes to Candace. embraces her 
Beverly comes dovnstairs. goes to Yetive. bows before 
ner. Dantan goes to Beverly. 

(Sub Title)--THK Prixcr Dantan." 

Scene 22(^Throne room-Bevtdy bows. Dantan 
helps her to rise; he kisses her hand; leads her forward. 

Mil. r 


'K\ i:ni.\ , 

■■^I'lii _'_'- 


T »"";/( 

Ih'VItK . Mill 

nil;it! aildu'^-e- 


if\ '.. ,\\. 

ir;ii-i-~ lu'i 

'■' turii> to 

"riuit-niark : (KK)